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Unique Differences

Colgate's success is created by Colgate people who work together as a worldwide team, using their individual strengths to achieve business results. This strong global teamwork requires a company culture in which everyone works well together and truly values one another. We support an environment where everyone's ideas are shared and respected. At Colgate, we want people to feel energized and encouraged to contribute to their fullest potential.

The diversity of Colgate people around the world is vital to finding new solutions to business challenges and new opportunities from unique insights. Differences are recognized and appreciated as the traits that make each of us who we are. We celebrate diversity in our people because we know that it is these differences that are the foundations of our continued achievement.

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Global Operations

Global business success requires Colgate people to be diverse in all the respects of the populations we serve worldwide. Our business strategy of driving growth, funding growth and becoming the best place to work is dependent on the fullest contributions of all employees wherever they are.

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Inclusive Culture and Values

The Colgate culture is one that reflects our values of caring, global teamwork and continuous improvement, as well as our unwavering commitment to integrity in everything we do. Building skills and developing Colgate people is critical to our success.

Colgate provides all employees worldwide with a series of training programs focused on building leadership skills. Valuing Colgate People, Managing With Respect and Fostering an Inclusive Work Environment are only a few of them. Fostering an Inclusive Work Environment provides a broad awareness of diversity and skills to work with diverse teams and to serve an increasingly diverse customer base.

Colgate leaders take responsibility for valuing the contributions of all Colgate people and have the knowledge and skills necessary to transform the work environment into one where all employees can contribute fully to meet the business goals. To learn more about our inclusive culture and values, click here.

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U.S. Network Groups/Diversity Councils

Colgate supports and promotes the creation of Employee Network Groups. Participation in these groups is voluntary. These groups are valued contributors in our efforts to become the best place to work by building an inclusive and caring work environment. They also support the company's initiatives to attract, develop and retain a diverse workforce, provide personal and professional development, and networking opportunities to employees.

Colgate Network Groups include:
  Asian Heritage Group (AHG)
  Black Action Committee (BAC)
  Diversity Councils
  Hispanic Action Network (HAN)
  Women's Network

To learn more about our affiliations and our commitment to global diversity, click here.

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